Commercially, my prior experience resides primarily in articles and guest blogs. I have previously written for the Downtown Phoenix Partnership and the now-defunct local news and content publication Newscastic. You can see one example at the link below.

“El Chullo Brings Peruvian Food to Downtown Phoenix”

Copy Writing

I provide a variety of copy writing services. Ultimately, it comes down to knowing your intended result and desired tone. Perhaps your needs fall into one of the following categories:

  • Website content (e.g. product descriptions, mission statements, etc)

  • Technical writing (e.g. product manuals, FAQ responses, etc )

  • Print or digital advertisement (e.g. brochures, banner ads, etc)

  • Social media posts

  • Form emails

  • Blog posts (e.g. product reviews)

Copy Editing

You may already have your written content but need of some proofreading. I can go over you copy with a fine tooth comb and provide line-by-line edits.

Articles & Guest Posting

If you need an article/post for your publication or blog, I would be happy to write one provided it rests in my interests and expertise. A few of my areas of interest are:

  • Literature (i.e. book reviews, literary topics, etc)

  • Basketball

  • Food & cooking

  • U.S. K-12 education

  • Teaching & education (as a practice and profession)

  • Music (i.e. album reviews, music theory, playing guitar, etc)

  • Current issues (especially in reference to the U.S.)

  • Portland, Oregon (my home town - i.e. arts & culture, tourism, etc)

Feel free to propose a topic if it isn’t list above. I’ll consider all proposals and will let you know if I can tackle the topic.

Grant Writing

Grant writing is an essential but time consuming process for nonprofits. Help me understand your vision and mission; let me take care of the writing.