I earned my B.A. in English from Portland State University in 2011. Subsequently, I received a M.A. in Teaching from University of Portland in 2013 and have begun work on a Masters in English as professional development. As a teacher, I have taught a range of humanities courses including English courses ranging from middle school to AP level. Writing is always a pillar of my courses.

“Even though I have already taken college-level English classes, Midkiff’s feedback always addressed the finer points of my arguments while keeping and refining my personal writing style. I owe much of my current writing, critical thinking, and editing skills to Mr. Midkiff’s work with me.” - Tyson, a former student

“David’s ability to engage students in dialogue about their writing is equal to his ability in providing valuable feedback, not only of what can be improved, but also of what one does well. Watching David interact with students in this process was nearly as beneficial as him providing direct feedback to me on lessons, rubrics and correspondence. I highly recommend David for all of your academic coaching needs!” - Cyndy, a former coworker

Proofreading & Feedback

I will gladly read through your academic writing assignments and college application essays. I can focus my feedback on the more technical aspects of writing or the more conceptual, logical elements. I can also help you brainstorm a prospective assignment. As a student, I have written my share of essays across a range of topics from economics and statistics to historical analysis and literary theory. I am comfortable with research studies and dissertations too; I completed my own research study on bilingual reading education for my Masters in Teaching. In short, bring your work to me! I would be glad to help.

* A Quick Note on Academic Integrity: I will not write any portion of your paper for you. I support the highest levels of academic integrity in everyone’s learning. My feedback will be structured as suggestions. I may provide examples to clarify; however, all final work must be your own wording. Any accusation of plagiarism is thereby your own responsibility to avoid or respond to should your work’s authenticity be questioned.


Writing is for everyone. I am passionate about helping others master the essentials of clear written communication. Towards that end, I am happily provide one-on-one tutoring via Skype or a similar online platform. We will use your current writing tasks (for school or work) and other practice assignments to help you gain a better grasp of writing. Tutoring can range from a single session on a specific requested topic to an agreed upon number of sessions as a “course” of sorts.