David Midkiff

I wake up curious. Music, cycling, reading, basketball, philosophy, camping, cooking, running — I have always been a person of many interests.  Of these preoccupations, writing is chief. I love crafting and constructing words to achieve an intended result.

Writing professionally full-time is a second career for me though.  I have spent the last several years teaching middle and high school students in the United States.  When my partner and I began planning a move to London for 2018, I knew my professional life was up for redefinition.  I decided to take a chance.

You are reading a part of my gamble.  I have spent considerable time writing and editing both personally and professionally, so I enter this venture with confidence that I can provide the services I claim to offer.  Former students have always called attention to the quality of feedback I provide on writing. I am also a published author in my own right.

In a sense, I see writing as an act of sculpture.  When we write, we strip away the excess material to offer another kind of existence to our actions, objects, and ideas.  The tools are always the same, but it takes an eye to know when the words have recreated the things we want to share.




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